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Why does my back ache?

Obviously, it depends on the individual, but in general the average person working a 9-5 job who sits at a desk all day will have turned off their glutes, core muscles and shortened their hip flexors through inactivity, which in turn causes the back to over compensate and end up in pain.

Simple hip flex stretches can ease this discomfort, it’s also worth improving your core strength. Your core holds you up and hugs the spine like a corset. Pulling your belly button in will help and practicing planks will ensure you build up strength and resilience in your back.

How do I burn more calories?

Ultimately an increase in exercise, building muscle and eating thermodynamic food such as protein and fibre, will speed up your metabolism.

How do I lose my belly?

While you can’t lose fat in specific areas you can use big compound exercises which utilities lots of big muscles, particularly the core and abs. The big 3 we recommend are, squats, deadlifts and bench pressing.

These exercises put a great demand on the body which helps you build muscle which speeds up your metabolism and burns fat. This combined with sustained healthy eating and increasing your daily activity such as upping your steps will help you lose your belly fat. Doing ab crunches alone, will not work.

How do I lose my bingo wings?

The muscle you need to work are called triceps. Any exercise which straightens the arm will work these muscles. The reason that they attract fat especially as you get older is because they are linked to high estrogen. Try staying away from junk food which encourages fat retention in this zone.

How do I tone up?

Use weight training to build muscle together with a healthy diet to reveal them.

How do I start exercising?

Quite simply just start. Every journey starts with a single step!

Make a realistic plan or training schedule you can keep to. Planning to train 5 days a week and not going, is negative. Planning 3 sessions and achieving it, is motivating.

What’s the best diet?

The best diet will always be the one you can stick to. Think about what suits you. Counting calories so you can eat what you want, or not counting calories but ensuring you eat food that you won’t over consume such broccoli.

How do I lose weight?

The number one most important thing is sustainability. Choose a diet and training plan that you can keep up forever. Ultimately you need to burn more calories than you consume each day.

To lose weight faster, your calorie deficit can be bigger by increasing your daily activity, incorporating high intensity weight training and cardio such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on different days to keep the metabolism up and burn calories while you recover. If you would like to know more, read my blog article ‘Discipline creates freedom’.

How to choose a personal trainer?

If your choosing a trainer in a commercial gym, ensure you watch them train. See how they interact with their existing clients. Are they on time and organised?

If you choose a trainer online take the time to read their testimonials. Whatever you do make sure you have a consultation with them before you hand over your cash. Make sure they are the right fit for you. We are so confident at Profound Fitness about getting results for you, we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy and we also allow people to change trainer if you feel the trainer doesn’t suit you. You don’t hire a PT you buy into a person or personality that works for you.

Why do I get headaches?

You should always consult your doctor on these matters; however, we find that tension in the shoulders is one of the main causes. You’ll notice getting a massage will help. The cure is to strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible. A short term/one-off headache is more than likely dehydration.

Why can’t I lose weight?

Stress is the main factor that inhibits normal weight loss. Also not having enough sleep has been shown to have a dramatic effect. The other very common cause is that you’re not in a calorie deficit meaning, you are over consuming food for what you’re burning off.

Try to write down what you’re eating & drinking, and you may find there are a few extra calories that are sneaking in without realising. Drinks can be the main cause of these. 200 calories for a coffee or smoothie can take you well over your daily allowance.

Can I spot reduce fat?

Unfortunately, you can’t. However, it’s good to know that the last place you gained fat; will be the place you lose it from first.

Instead of targeting the area you want to lose weight from, focus on the big muscle groups that burn the most calories and have the biggest overall impact. For example, squats and deadlifts. Additionally, these work the abs and core, so once the fat has gone from here your abs will be more visible. It’s a win-win. Many people lose weight via diet or cardio training, but they end up looking really skinny because they didn’t build any muscle whilst losing the fat.

Can I use a personal training without having a gym membership?

Absolutely, Profound Fitness is a private studio designed for you to work out with your personal trainer. There is no gym membership required but you can only use the gym with your trainer. Just pay your trainer their hourly rate.

How often should I have a personal training session?

Personal training should be prescribed to you specifically on your goals. For example, if you are trying to lose weight for your up-coming holiday and therefore have a deadline, your trainer may advise three sessions per week, as they will need to work intensively with you. The PT will also be guaranteeing you results in that timeframe, it would be unrealistic from them to insist on only 1 session a week which isn’t going to meet your goal.

So, think about your goal and time you want it done by and work with your PT to come up with something that works for you both. If a client asks for five sessions a week, the trainer may need to explain rest and adaptation. On the other hand, if a trainer says to do five sessions a week, always question their motives.

What should I bring to a PT session?

Towel, phone, water bottle and trainers suitable for working out and clothes suitable for training in. Think about what you’d wear on a run and you can’t go far wrong.

Can a personal trainer help with rehabilitation from an injury?

At Profound Fitness we specialise in training clients that have severe injuries and medical conditions. Please give us a call or email to discuss this on a one to one basis.

Can I just have one session, or do I need to book a block of sessions in advance.

You can have as many or as little sessions as you want. Even in some cases we can accommodate a 30-minute session.

The most sessions we would recommend is four, and on the most part people opt for two per week, if they are really looking to get great results fast. Lots of people also see us for one session per month for a tune up on technique and to keep them motivated and avoid plateaus.

How much does it cost?

Our unique approach means that there is no client membership fee and client’s use of the studios is FREE. Your cost is therefore determined by your specific needs and is agreed between the client and their trainer. This will depend on the client’s specific requirements.

Most of our trainers charge either an hourly rate or operate under a subscription service depending on the specific requirements of their client. Many of our trainers provide significant support outside of the sessions in the studio e.g. nutrition guidance, psychological support etc…it doesn’t stop when you leave the studio. We encourage clients to look at value for money rather than a simple hourly rate…how much will it cost to achieve the results you want? We are convinced that we offer the best value for money…why not give us a try!

When can I train?

Our studios are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You agree with your trainer when you want to train and then book the session at one of our studios.

How do you select trainers?

All of the trainers who work at a Profound Fitness studio are fully qualified and have substantial experience – we only work with high quality trainers.

Can I use the studios without a trainer?

We are dedicated to personal training so only allow access for personal training with a qualified personal trainer.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee for the use of a Profound Fitness studio. The use of the studios is FREE for clients. You agree a training fee with your trainer and then everything is taken care of.

What speciality training do you provide?

We have expert personal trainers in all sorts of areas ranging from training Formula 1 racing drivers to helping those living with life threatening illnesses. We have experts in more forms of training than you can possibly imagine…if you have any particular interest then just contact us and we’ll try and work out a solution for you.


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